Welcome to Global Wines, Inc.

“As an importer and distributor, our mission is to provide our retail customers and partner distributors with profitable, high value wines that resonate with consumers. By sourcing products directly from the producers, we are growing brands that we believe will establish a unique and lasting presence in the wine market.”

Since 2007, Global Wines, Inc. has established pride in its high quality, high value wine portfolio, exclusively owned brands, and unmatched customer service.

Our programs offer simple requirements and provide our customers with short and long-term return, and extensive, overall benefits.

Our dedicated representatives form strong relationships with their customers and are able to thoroughly understand their needs and individual business models. Our emphasis is to ensure that our customers achieve their own goals.

Our goal is to utilize the strengths of our team of industry professionals to surpass our competitors in quality and control of product, in-house marketing and distribution capabilities and complete customer service.

With an initial launch in Massachusetts and strong growth throughout New England we are continuing to develop a dynamic strategy that can extend and scale itself to reach national industry growth.




From the vineyards...